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Re: OT: Reliable Email/Web hosting service - recommendations?

Matthew Orgass <> schrieb:
>   These are at least the best I've been able to find with high 
>functionality and low cost as the primary criteria.

This is a relative nonsense spec as high functionality (in a general way) 
results in high ressources from i.e. hardware, bandwidth / uplink quality and 
support resources.

It is not a news that you wouldn't find a long established, reliable hosting 
provider whose high skilled admin does more the two key cklicks for 5 bucks a 
month for you or offering you any significant ressources real state of the art 
server hardware.

There is no one on the net who is making christmas presents for the masses or - 
at least - not more then several monthes existing.

As clearer you can make resource specifications for your special needs as 
higher is the chance to get a real efficient quality/feature - price - ratio. 

If you i.e. say: Im looking for cheap but "realiable" bandwidth (reliable for 
what: i.e. availability, quality, dedicated bw, peering scenario) service as a 
i.e. VPN access tunnel for private usage (expected bandwidthe, i.e. 15/0.5 
MBit/s ADSL), availability at least 99.8%, not very latency critical, "much but 
cheap" or "less but faster" Storage (cheap SATA, SAS2 or high quality server 
SSDs) on real, but some years old server or even PC hardware, then you might 
catch a product what fit's your real needs AND is really low but good priced.

The other scenario is you get a low price product with "high" prime level specs 
which are nice to read but nothing more. If you are "lucky" you are one of the 
first customers on that hosters machine or plattform, getting the best 
performance at the beginning but it is going down slightly but steadily over 
monthes until you pay more then you get. As more bad /cheap the hardware is 
(cheap CPU, bottlenecking IO subsystems, slow storage etc) as faster and more 
you may have to "upgrade" and "scale up" the specs of your VPS and your 
bills... I swa manies who had to buy Gigs of Gigs of RAM because the disk 
storage was a mess or CPU core by CPU core because of old CPUs or bad chipset 
constellations. So you gus feed the ones who doen't care your side of the deal 
in any efficiency view. Inefficeincy brings more money in such a business - 
strange but true - because the customers mainly take looks at the wrong specs...

This is a very typical marketing scenario of many new hosting ISPs, may be they 
are aware of it, may be not...

just my two cents here...

Syndicat IT&Internet
NOCs: DE / LU / CH

Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet

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