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Re: OT: Reliable Email/Web hosting service - recommendations?

On 2013-08-23 wrote:
Matthew Orgass <> schrieb:
  These are at least the best I've been able to find with high
functionality and low cost as the primary criteria.

This is a relative nonsense spec as high functionality (in a general way) results in high ressources from i.e. hardware, bandwidth / uplink quality and support resources.

Sure, sorry, I could have said that better. I understand that $5/month web hosting is a sore spot for anyone with a connection to the industry.

In this case the $5/month offering is really primarily useful for email and personal web use, which seems to me like possibly what Paul was looking for. For a real website it would be $25 or $35/month. seems clearly marketed toward people who aren't likely to want unnecessary support. They seem like geeks doing cool stuff at reasonable prices (the parent company, the same people/primarily one person AFAICT, has various manufacturing capabilities). They have been providing hosting for almost twenty years (the basic structure of the current offerings seems to have started in 2000 according to a quick wayback machine search). It seems like a good place to get BSD hosting to me.


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