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OT: Reliable Email/Web hosting service - recommendations?

Some time next year, I'll be moving from the US to the Philippines. It is next-to-impossible to get static-IPv4 addresses, and IPv6-access for residential service is (apparently) even less likely.

So, I've got a couple of options. One would be to "lease" a fixed address from a US-based company and set up a VPN-over-tunnel ( for example).

It seems easier to just have someone host my domain's mail and web services, and probably less expensive,too. But I really don't want to have to use web-based application for Email; I would much prefer using POP3 (via pkgsrc/fetchmail or similar) to pull mail, and send directly (via postfix).

I would also prefer NOT to retain my current DNS services, and not have to transfer them the Email/Web hosting service.

So, with all these requirements, does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

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