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OpenSSL - Any good tutorials (or cook-books) available?

Color me stupid, but I find that the available OpenSSL docs assume that the reader already understands everything and simply needs help with "which command line option do I need to do X?"

Well, I don't understand everything, and I don't even know what "X" is (or, what the many "X" are, and in what order they need to be done).

I did find a slightly more informative site at but it still assumes I have a deeper understanding, and some of the examples appear to need bits and pieces (perl scripts) that don't exist in my "stock" NetBSD system.

I don't think I need anything fancy, just need to provide a secure channel between my local machine(s) and a remote imaps server, so that the server can authenticate me without sending a clear-text password on the wire.

Suggestions, anyone?

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