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Re: Supported VM environments under MacOS dom0

2010/4/27 Giles Lean <>:
> Tracy Di Marco White <> wrote:
>> I have an OS X 10.6.3 machine running Fusion. Running right now I have
>> amd64 and i386: 4.0, 5.0, 5.0.2, and current, ...
> Good to hear. ÂGoes to show not everything you hear around the 'net
> is correct.
> Sounds like I should give VMWare Fusion a try. ÂDid you configure
> NetBSD in any particular way? Â(ACPI off? ÂSMP off?)
> Thanks,
> Giles

No, it just works. I usually use FreeBSD as hosttype, but it works with
almost everything.

You can also increase the BIOS delay, in case you want to
enter the BIOS to change the Boot-order, or other things.

I've been using it since a long time and its the most reliable one, with
the least problems.
Although, you have no possibilty to make a screenshot (like on windows).
But for that I'm using cmd+shift+4 and pick the active vmware window,
to make the screenshot.


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