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Re: Supported VM environments under MacOS dom0

In Message <>,
   Mike Bowie <>wrote:

=>On 4/27/10 5:45 PM, Phil Pennock wrote:
=>> On 2010-04-26 at 18:26 -0700, Phil Pennock wrote:
=>> VirtualBox works great and is shinier than I expected. ssh'ing in, to
=>> do my work sanely with cut&paste, etc, means bridge mode not NAT mode
=>> but so far it's been stable.  Only glitch is that IPv6 against doesn't
=>> work, same as it doesn't in Parallels, so something outside the VM is
=>> tampering with the host/MAC visibility to network broadcast (link
=>> multicast) traffic.  Bleh.  I hope it's not a platform problem with
=>> inability to support promiscuous/multicast from inside the VM bridged
=>> onto wifi with the WPA2 security but I suspect I'm hoping in vain.
=>I've not looked in any great detail, but my VM's here aren't getting 
=>IPv6 goodness either and I'm on a wired connection.  IPv6 sounds like 
=>it's only supported in bridged mode, which makes things a bit chewy for 
=>me, given the hiccups bridged mode creates for me.

   I don't know MacOS hosted virtualization, but I have done some
IPv6. If MacOS is doing NAT for IPv4, it would have to do IPv6
routing and configure IPv6 on the virtual interface with its own
subnet. I don't have Macs, so I can't really help beyond that.
Good luck.

                                        Gary Duzan

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