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Garmin Edge 705 and NetBSD?

I've been a long-time user of Garmin GPS devices - since 2003 or so I've
had an eTrex Vista and more lately a GPS 60.  Both of these devices have
a serial interface that I've combined with the pkgsrc garmin-tools
package to good effect to download all the tracklog data and produce
some maps.

Unfortunately I recently trashed my GPS 60 when it fell from my bicycle
when riding at around 30kph ... 

So, I've been looking at the Edge 705 but have discovered that it
doesn't have a serial interface, just a USB port[1] and NetBSD doesn't
appear to recognise it, nor does it appear in the output of usbdevs.

I'm particularly interested in the heart-rate add-on and was wondering:

a) whether anyone has gotten this device working under NetBSD and
b) whether the heart-rate data is combined with the tracklog data when

I get the impression that the 705 is a fairly popular unit, so I'd be
surprised if no-one had one working with NetBSD ...

I'd be reasonably comfortable changing to different download tools if
necessary, but I draw the line at needing to run Windows to run Garmin's
download tool which probably also won't record data in a format I can
use elsewhere ... 


[1] and an SD port, which appears to be only for map data

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