Index of netbsd-bugs for March, 2000

03/01/2000 pkg/9517: The package devel/gindent-2.2.5 won't patch
J. Scott Kasten Re: [PATCH] uvm_map.c
Michael Eriksson Re: bin/9513: ypmatch fails on mail.aliases, mail.byaddr from Solaris
Mason Loring Bliss bin/9518: ipnat fails under NetBSD 1.4T
Markus Kurek pkg/9519: FIX: missing gnupg manpage
Lennart Augustsson kern/9520: umount -f hanging
Bernd Ernesti security/9521: The kerberized cryto-intl telnet is too noisy
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino lib/9522: missing crypto-intl/lib/libntp
James Graham pkg/9523: i386: audio/wmsound segfaults after first sound at startup misc/9524: SVR4_MAKEDEV example script is broken
andy_finnell@bellsou pkg/9525: MIT-pthreads for PowerPC
johnam@mail.kemper.o pkg/9526: xxgdb doesn't work with 1.4.1
rhialto@polder.ubc.k bin/9527: collect2 breaks if directory called ld too early in $PATH
Bill Squier security/9528: xterm vulnerable to root exploit
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9530: new package: p5-CGI
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9531: package update: p5-Data-Dumper
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9532: new package: tidy, fixes and tidies up HTML files.
03/04/2000 kern/9533: Some missing AMD PCI product ids
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9534: package update: squid 2.3STABLE2
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni bin/9535: locate's updatedb script uses /var/tmp for temporary files kern/9536: AMD 756 DMA/UDMA IDE not supported pkg/9537: patch-ae of pkgsrc/x11/tvtwm breaks IconifyByUnmapping pkg/9539: Icon Manager focus not maintained properly
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9541: a new package: bkpupsd port-alpha/9542: TGA2 does not work as a console.
Joel Foote Partitioning on a Quadra 730 security/9543: iruserok() mismatches local/remote user
03/05/2000 kern/9544: add ddb reboot info pkg/9545: Lynx doesn't build
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9546: a new package: The Multilingual Input Method - Egg V4
Takahiro Kambe Re: pkg/9530: new package: p5-CGI
rhialto@polder.ubc.k pkg/9547: cross/binutils for vax target
Thilo Manske port-i386/8256
John Hawkinson kern/9548: fxp0 can get all 1's mac address
John Hawkinson kern/9549: RTC_OFFSET has DST problems
John Hawkinson port-i386/9550: misplaced comma in dosboot(8)
John Hawkinson bin/9551: bootselect(8) manpage doesn't get linked up
John Hawkinson port-i386/9552: i386 boot(8) omits mention of netbsd.gz, onetbsd, etc.
Charlie Root pkg/9554: amanda's samba dependency is incorrect
03/06/2000 bin/9555: portmap logs too much when run without "-l"
rafal.boni@metatel.c pkg/9556: pksrc/net/delegate does not build if CC variable contains spaces
unk7@rz.uni-karlsruh install/9557: Installation problems with 1.4.1/i386, disk geometry invalid xsrc/9559: xsrc "make cleandir" leaves .depend and other turds.
03/07/2000 pkg/9560: misc/staroffice dumps core if /proc not mounted
Dan McMahill bin/9561: nfs client breaks
margot@ennovatenetwo bin/9562: Telnet to net bsd system from NT TCL/w expect 5.21 does not work.
Brook Milligan pkg/9563: new package for latex2rtf kern/9564: Kernel Panic, caused by nfsd/free block count update kern/9565: Grace period ignored by quotas bin/9566: .BEGIN target does not follow dependencies kern/9567: .BEGIN targets use depencencies misc/9568: [INSTALL.txt] I type set pcic_isa_intr_alloc_mask, instead of write
John Hawkinson kern/9569: ddb doesn't keep "count"
John Hawkinson kern/9570: ddb prints spurrious newlines
John Hawkinson kern/9571: fxp0 hangs across apm suspend on sony vaio z505he
John Hawkinson kern/9572: polled DMA can hang the machine (fxp)
John Hawkinson kern/9573: fxp0 hangs across hibernation on sony vaio z505he
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni bin/9574: control character (^L) in usr.bin/rup/rup.c
Wolfgang Rupprecht kern/9575: tlp drops support for SMC
Chris G. Demetriou Re: [PATCH] uvm_map.c kern/9576: lfs_writeseg: avoiding potential data summary corruption for ino 909
Matthew Jacob kern/9577: fix for problems with Qlogic Ultra3 SCSI bus resets port-mac68k/9578: I can't get my keyboard mapping in vi editor to work
John Hawkinson install/9579: Source distribution sets are not consistently rooted
John Hawkinson install/9580: INSTALL is vague about pkgsrc installation location
Florence.Henry@obspm xsrc/9581: keyboard hang under X window, and system panic
John Hawkinson install/9582: sysinst doesn't allow source or pkgsrc installation
John Hawkinson bin/9583: dhclient bashes /etc/resolv.conf with no documentation port-i386/9584: insert pcmcia card in upper-slot in ThinkPad600E
Seebs misc/9586: Typo in man page for 'disklabel'
thorpej@shagadelic.o kern/9587: splimp() used way too much in the network code
John Hawkinson kern/9588: Add missing pci devs for Sony VAIO Z505HE
Johan Danielsson kern/9589: PCI-EISA bridge doesn't attach port-i386/9590: disklabel -r -R clobbers boot code on i386 (+fix)
Bernd Salbrechter bin/9591: ftp/util.c free()'s static and stack values. port-arm32/9592: TCP NFS mounts fail to read files
Jason R Thorpe Re: port-arm32/9592: TCP NFS mounts fail to read files
Brook Milligan pkg/9593: new blt package install/9594: compile_et used before it's made in crypto-us `make build' misc/9595: there's no build-system category for gnats kern/9596: Yet Another PCI Product ID (YAPPI)
Johan Danielsson xsrc/9597: xsrc doesn't support destdir builds pkg/9598: devel/gettext doesn't compile kern/9599: Replace LE() macro in ohci.c/uhci.c with htole32()/le32toh()
Havard Eidnes kern/9600: GENERIC macppc kernel does not compile pkg/9601: can't build pkg p4-SNMP due to version conflicts
NONAKA Kimihiro kern/9602: le(4) support big-endian machine.
Seebs standards/9603: snprintf(0, 0, ...) is valid in C9X
03/12/2000 kern/9604: SIOCSIFNETMASK makes ia->ia_subnet unsynchronized
seirios@matrix.iri.c misc/9605: /etc/rc.d script has bugs bin/9606: patches to facilitate passive ftp server protocol behind firewall
Matthias Scheler pkg/9607: executables created with "ptl2" package cause segfaults
hauke@Espresso.Rhein install/9608: mac68k sysinst test drive crashes in flames
thorpej@shagadelic.o bin/9609: rc.d system has no IPsec support
Seebs standards/9610: bogus egcs warning
SUNAGAWA Keiki misc/9612: trivial typo in v6 FAQ
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni lib/9613: libc/[s]scanf broken on (at least) arm32 kern/9614: panic if sd0b is listed as 4.2BSD in fstab
03/14/2000 kern/9617: aue device only half-works on Alpha misc/9618: make depend fails to run mkdep sometimes.
darrenr@reed.wattle. port-i386/9619: halt'ing laptop from ttyEn disables keyboard bin/9620: Rain freezes
Jason R Thorpe Re: kern/9617: aue device only half-works on Alpha lib/9621: getaddrinfo(3) fails badly with some nameservers
Y. Takizawa Re: kern/9617: aue device only half-works on Alpha
Lennart Augustsson Re: kern/9617: aue device only half-works on Alpha pkg/9622: sun's server is now smarter than the pkgsrc/misc/staroffice make fetc
Bjoern Labitzke kern/9623: IPSEC encryption is broken in kernel builds
Laine Stump pkg/9624: cervisia make install fails in patch-ab install/9625: Netbsd install causes linux fdisk to print warnings about the par
kris_shannon@bigfoot port-m68k/9626: Source files with identical names except for capitalization
Ben Wong misc/9627: Manual pages sometimes aren't well cross referenced.
Castor Fu bin/9629: ifconfig media option may have unintended side effects pkg/9630: ssh page no longer builds misc/9631: search capabilities obviously broken
John.P.Darrow@wheato bin/9632: flex.skl change puts prototype too early, breaks builds lib/9633: build chokes in crypto-intl/lib/libroken (make includes)
Y. Takizawa kern/9634: kue(4) does not work with OHCI pkg/9635: problem with pkglint
03/18/2000 kern/9636: The XFree86 aperature driver won't build
p99dreyf@criens.u-ps pkg/9637: No problem, I'm submitting just my first package! :o)
smb@pueblo.research. pkg/9638: qvplay isn't fetched properly
Patrick Welche,SCC,ext.3 bin/9639: init.c trivia kern/9640: pciide(4) doesn't mention AMD-756 support pkg/9641: missing a dependancy in pkg
Takahiro Kambe bin/9642: ftpd(8) may forget data connection in passive mode.
Takahiro Kambe Re: bin/9642: ftpd(8) may forget data connection in passive mode.
Takahiro Kambe Re: bin/9642: ftpd(8) may forget data connection in passive mode.
William O Ferry bin/9643: Unexpected behavior from rm -rf kern/9644: Patch to allow identification of RPTI EP400 PCMCIA network card
Martin J. Laubach kern/9646: New ahc driver fails to talk to old CD-ROM drive bin/9647: pax(1) can't read multi-volume archive from device
Wolfgang Helbig bin/9648: ifconfig(1) fails to set flags
johan.rossouw@alcate pkg/9649: Outdated 3rd party package
Simon J. Gerraty kern/9650: mounting cd9660 image on vnd0 is broken?
John.P.Darrow@wheato bin/9651: unbalanced and inefficient draw algorithm in fish(6)
John.P.Darrow@wheato pkg/9652: submission of RealPlayer7 package (obsoletes expired RealPlayerG2)
Mark Davies kern/9653: Minor NFS3 problem between NetBSD and Digital UNIX
John Hawkinson install/9654: i386 upgrade instructions imply a floppy necessary
John Hawkinson install/9655: sysinst asserts to have newfs'd on upgrade
John Hawkinson install/9656: sysinst should support dhcp
John Hawkinson bin/9657: dhclient requires writable leases file
03/22/2000 bin/9658: pagesize script broken port-i386/9659: add to base.tgz kern/9660: awi driver fails on non-PC platforms
John Hawkinson kern/9661: /dev/dty?? is not documented (com.c)
John Hawkinson install/9662: INSTALL purports sysinst merge's /etc changes
John Hawkinson lib/9663: LD_PRELOAD is not documented
John Hawkinson bin/9664: gdb can core dump unexpectedly
John Hawkinson bin/9665: vi coredumps writing file after invokation with -r Re: bin/9665: vi coredumps writing file after invokation with -r
IWAMOTO Toshihiro Re: kern/9611: Intel chipset i810E is not recognised
Dave Huang port-alpha/9666: alpha/isa/fd.c won't compile (timeout()-related)
John Hawkinson Re: bin/9665: vi coredumps writing file after invokation with -r
John Hawkinson bin/9667: cu should allow modem dialout w/o softcar pkg/9668: global-3.55 port-vax/9669: vs4000/90 will not boot pkg/9670: missing file ./config/mips/netbsd1/jit3-md.h in build of jarkata-tomc
Takahiro Kambe Re: kern/9661: /dev/dty?? is not documented (com.c)
Lennart Augustsson port-arm32/9671: Cannot configure SHARK kernel security/9672: racoon(8) documentation needs serious help
Erik E. Fair security/9673: inetd.conf has "login" and "shell" default on
03/26/2000 security/9674: Bugs and documentation errors in racoon(8)
Manuel Bouyer kern/9675: tlp0: sorry, unable to handle your board
IWAMOTO Toshihiro port-i386/9676: can't boot from >8G partition
Willem Brown bin/9677: added feature to ftpd
hauke@Espresso.Rhein port-mac68k/9678: gdb fails to debug kernel core dump on mac68k
hauke@Espresso.Rhein port-mac68k/9679: Using scsi/libscsi lets mac68k sbc driver dump core install/9682: Ping fails from sysinst but succeeds at command line during insta
Wolfgang Helbig bin/9684: file named misspelled in manual page
Wolfgang Helbig kern/9685: callout.9: add include statement to SYNOPSIS header
John Hawkinson port-i386/9683: No doc on pcmcia IO space conflicts pkg/9681: unfinished pkgsrc for Apple Darwin Streaming Server install/9687: 1.4.2 net install doesn't work with 4 NIC cards
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9688: gtk isn't compiled for alternate input devices install/9689: 'make release' slightly broken in -current (on i386) install/9690: sysinst should let continue even if gateway doesn't respond to pi
Lennart Augustsson bin/9691: xntpd doc missing
John Hawkinson kern/9692: uvm(9) has a malformed whatis entry.
John Hawkinson bin/9693: chat(8) doesn't document syslog facility
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni port-macppc/9694: macppc GENERIC kernel is incomplete pkg/9695: Updates/fixes to the nmh package
John Hawkinson xsrc/9696: XF86config(4/5) referes to "mices" kern/9697: optimization changed from SPACE to TIME annoyingly noisy
John.P.Darrow@wheato bin/9698: Operator precedence errors in phantasia
John Hawkinson xsrc/9699: Distributed X asserts that it is too old kern/9700: Combination of if_ray+link0+ipfilter+alpha panics kern/9701: wi driver: 11M card does not show statistics on wiconfig -o
Lennart Augustsson lib/9702: Makefile lossage for crypto-intl
Lennart Augustsson kern/9703: Detaching an sd device can hang the system
Phil Nelson lib/9704: libedit history storage is 1 off.
John Hawkinson misc/9705: meaning of .Dd in manpages is not totally clear
John Hawkinson bin/9706: tunefs(8) doesn't enumerate -o options bin/9707: ping6(8) lies about using <sysexits.h> kern/9708: wscons(4) uses ambiguous abbreviation bin/9709: Dhclinet busy loops if the interface it is trying to use is removed pkg/9710: mtr-0.41 does not compile
03/30/2000 pkg/9711: net/irrd requires bison on build lib/9712: libedit has fixed size input buffer
Ted Lemon pkg/9713: WordPerfect for Linux doesn't install anymore bin/9714: Wiconfig does not support -a option mentioned in the man page and usa