Index of netbsd-bugs for January, 1999

Joseph Myers bin/6699: [PATCH] Wump pager handling
Joseph Myers bin/6700: Obsolete source file: games/phantasia/oldplayer.h port-i386/6701: aic pcmcia driver does not work with HP DAT drive HP35470A
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6705: improved nodump dir handling kern/6872: GENERIC is misleading in its COMPAT comments for BSDI emulation
01/02/1999 pkg/6698: package for ack-1.39
Lennart Augustsson kern/6702: Device open/close bug
deberg@MIT.EDU port-next68k/6704: next68k zs driver formatting error
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6706: regress test for dump nodump-handling
deberg@MIT.EDU port-next68k/6707: wscons cdev entries for next68k
deberg@MIT.EDU port-next68k/6708: add wscons devices to next68k MAKEDEV
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6710: restore(8) user-friendly changes
deberg@MIT.EDU port-next68k/6709: add bus_space support for mono framebuffer
bgrayson@ece.utexas. misc/6711: symlink(2) man page mods
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6712: ps(1) minor typo
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6713: st(4) and dump(8) fixes
bgrayson@ece.utexas. misc/6714: KNF clarification
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6715: dump uses boring "none" label
Ignatios Souvatzis bin/6717: bind's programs don't link statically
Ignatios Souvatzis bin/6718: mbrlabel doesnt link on LDFLAGS=-static builds
Dave Huang kern/6719: Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box not listed in usbdevs
Andreas Wrede kern/6720: erroenous error reported by scsipi_ioctl.c
Lennart Augustsson pkg/6721: Many, many packages do not build
John Kohl pkg/6722: netatalk fails to include proper signal goo
Martin J. Laubach kern/6723: / cannot be on read-only media
erik@mediator.uni-c. port-m68k/6724: m68k options still need to be defopt'ed
deberg@MIT.EDU port-next68k/6725: move devices from std.next68k to GENERIC
deberg@MIT.EDU port-next68k/6726: COMPAT_M68K4K is broken on next68k
Michael C. Richardson pkg/6727: xemacs 20's gnuclient does not work. Failes with sig_pipe
Tim Rightnour bin/6728: nroff -man formats for 66 line printers
jbernard@ox.mines.ed kern/6729: isapnpdevs update for USR/3Com 56K Faxmodem kern/6730: ARP has incomplete entry for broadcast address
Jason Thorpe Re: kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
01/05/1999 pkg/6731: fmsx package
Julian Coleman Re: pkg/6684: Package for PGP 5.0i
Thorsten Frueauf Re: pkg/6684: Package for PGP 5.0i pkg/6733: Package for fort77-1.14a
Patrick Welche,SCC,ext.3 kern/6735: UK keyboard with wscons
Marc Horowitz Re: kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
Soren S. Jorvang misc/6736: a few mtree inconsistencies with distribution
Soren S. Jorvang install/6737: sysinst/i386 sets partition type to wrong 165 rather than 169
Marc Horowitz Re: kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
C Kane misc/6738: Misspelling in /usr/share/misc/airport
Daniel Carosone Re: kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
deberg@MIT.EDU bin/6739: compiler warnings in wsconsctl pkg/6740: tiff package asks what file to patch
deberg@MIT.EDU kern/6741: add 2bpp support to rcons
Robert Elz Re: kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
Lennart Augustsson pkg/6744: Some packages use the deprecated "unix" symbol pkg/6745: Package for netcdf-3.4
Lennart Augustsson pkg/6746: xwave doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/6747: package sdbm doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/6749: The xblast package doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/6748: Package battleball doesn't build
J Rizzo pkg/6750: sdr package MASTER_SITES is no longer correct
Lennart Augustsson pkg/6751: Package mutt doesn't build cleanly
Marc Horowitz Re: kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably. pkg/6752: Package for xmgr-4.1.2
Bill Sommerfeld kern/6753: sbdsp driver screws up on Soundblaster Pro
J Rizzo pkg/6754: xskat-3.0 package
Christoph Badura Re: kern/6652: swapping to a sparse file fails unpredictably.
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6757: tclsh not installed by tcl80
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6758: PostgreSQL (6.4.2) package install doesn't work very well
Heiko W.Rupp bin/6759: -s option to apm not documented
Erik E. Fair kern/6760: NetBSD reports bogus FFS problem during remount from RW to RO
woods@proven.weird.c security/6761: ntop should not (need to) be installed set{u,g}id
John F. Woods pkg/6763: netpbm package needs updating
Charles M. Hannum bin/6764: `trap 0' does not work in ksh subshells
woods@proven.weird.c security/6765: /usr/X11R6/bin/dga is setuid-root and need not be pkg/6766: arena won't build - looks for libwww in wrong place
Michael Graff kern/6767: fxp driver seems to lock machine
Simon J. Gerraty lib/6762: getopt(3) matches "--foo" as "--"
Jarkko Torppa pkg/6769: new-package python interface for postgresql
deberg@MIT.EDU port-next68k/6770: next68 zs driver panics when attached
Soren S. Jorvang kern/6771: rcs and sccs ids in kernel
Matthias Scheler kern/6772: ex network driver gets stuck from time to time pkg/6773: Do not depend misc/mc on libslang-1.2.2 bin/6774: dd(1) will not seek on raw disk devices
URA Hiroshi kern/6775: Swap posisions of Control-L and Capslock for wscons port-pmax/6776: g++ does not work without -ltermcap
Erik Bertelsen kern/6778: wscons fixes for bzero/bcopy -> memxxx transition
01/10/1999 pkg/6779: netpbm needs a shampooing
Lennart Augustsson xsrc/6780: xsrc references defunct unix symbol
Richard Earnshaw port-arm32/6781: GDB 'call' command doesn't work
John F. Woods lib/6782: dbopen manual page should mention <fcntl.h>
bgrayson@ece.utexas. kern/6783: wt driver needs pointer-arith fix port-mac68k/6784: macrom.c fails to compile - pointer arithmetic
Simon Burge bin/6785: dc doesn't give expected results
deberg@MIT.EDU kern/6786: conditionalize 2bpp display code
Valtteri.Vuorikoski@ bin/6788: rpcgen -N generates incorrect prototype port-amiga/6787: Modifications to aucc.c for more input formats and 14bit stere
Eric Fischer bin/6790: find and xargs don't get along
Geoff Wing Re: bin/4168 kern/6793: Kernel does not link with recent ipip changes.
Erik E. Fair pkg/6797: UNIX document conversion tool for Microsoft Word to HTML
erik@mediator.uni-c. kern/6796: partial bcopy->memcpy conversion for sys/net
Matthew Jacob port-alpha/6799: unexpected reboot with 'kernel stack not valid'
ITOH Yasufumi bin/6794: sh(1) . (dot) command reads files in current directory if not found i
Simon Burge bin/6795: egcs 1.1.1 doesn't compile freelip with optimisation
ITOH Yasufumi Re: bin/6794: sh(1) . (dot) command reads files in current directory if not fou
Geoff Wing Re: bin/6794: sh(1) . (dot) command reads files in current directory if not fou
Valtteri.Vuorikoski@ bin/6800: nvi's set print= works strangely
Andrew Brown Re: bin/6794: sh(1) . (dot) command reads files in current directory if not fou
Erik E. Fair kern/6801: MD machdep files using sys/mtio.h for no reason pkg/6803: Package update: windowmaker-0.50.2 pkg/6804: f2c package update port-alpha/6805: fpsetmask() broken on alpha
Soren S. Jorvang misc/6806: default user nobody has gid 9999 instead of nogroup
ITOH Yasufumi Re: bin/6794: sh(1) . (dot) command reads files in current directory if not fou
Bernd Ernesti port-alpha/6807: if_de is broken on the alpha
jbernard@ox.mines.ed pkg/6808: bash2 distfile at has moved
Havard.Eidnes@runit. bin/6809: opcode for i386 'pand' MMX instruction is wrong
woods@proven.weird.c misc/6810: 1.3.3 top-level Makefile does not work as it was apparently intended bin/6811: add -m option to apm(8) to display battery estimate in minutes
woods@proven.weird.c lib/6812: libcurses documentation build causes files to be created in the sourc
Matthias Drochner bin/6813: uninitialized variable use in portmap/libwrap
Nonaka Kimihiro kern/6814: KB_JP keyboard for wscons
Johnny C. Lam pkg/6815: Update Window Maker to latest (0.50.2) port-pmax/6817: dlsym() ignores handle argument port-pmax/6818: /usr/X11R6/bin/README.pmax has errors
Danh Nguyen Setup problem
01/16/1999 kern/6819: Missing 53c875j PCI ID pkg/6820: add passive ftp support to www/lynx package pkg/6821: add passive ftp support to www/lynx package
Dave Sainty Re: kern/6819: Missing 53c875j PCI ID kern/6822:
Martin J. Laubach port-i386/6823: Bootloader design ugly
erik@mediator.uni-c. bin/6824: ld.elf_so on powerpc, new arch dir missed in pkg/6825: x11/xwrits package update
01/17/1999 pkg/6826: cad/ntesla package submission
Andreas Gustafsson kern/6827: /dev/audio does not support mmap for recording misc/6828: rc.shutdown error
mason@acheron.middle pkg/6829: gnome-libs fails to build
Rob Windsor pkg/6830: new patch for audio/xmix
Andreas Wrede bin/6831: portmap tcpwrap failure
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/6832: savecore deficiencies
bgrayson@ece.utexas. misc/6833: sbrk/brk man page doesn't mention sbrk very well
Frederick Bruckman bin/6834: cu send file broken, patch
woods@proven.weird.c bin/6835: tcpdchk does not work (patch for -current and 1.3.3)
woods@proven.weird.c lib/6836: fixes for librwrap hosts_access(5) manual page
woods@proven.weird.c lib/6837: RBL patch for libwrap
Frederick Bruckman port-mac68k/6839: Kernel compiled with default options hangs at adb probe
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6840: postgresql package doesn't delete cleanly
Wolfgang Rupprecht kern/6842: security: DOS attack kern/6844: Hangs in disk access with ATAPI MMC CDR device. port-mac68k/6846: mac68k kernel fails to build
Matthias Scheler kern/6843: IPENCAP tunneling broken
Hubert Feyrer pkg/6845: gtk+-1.1.12 pkg doesn't build (patch included) bin/6847: 8 char max login name enforced with nsswitch
Jason R Thorpe port-pmax/6848: Bogus test in scc.c breaks 115200 bps
Tim Rightnour misc/6850: confidential setting in send-pr doesn't work
Johnny C. Lam pkg/6851: xemacs20 isn't compiled with session management
Chris Jones kern/6852: patch for COMDEX 4-port TULIP boards
John F. Woods bin/6854: uudecode is falling behind the times
briggs@backup.ninthw port-sparc/6853: disklabel(8) gives misleading error on sparc (and sun3?)
Patrick Welche,SCC,ext.3 misc/6857: minor typo
kurek@uni-duisburg.d port-i386/6856: ncr driver canīt mount a cd with a Teac-55S CD-Recorder
Wolfgang Rupprecht kern/6858: ipf filter retain-state confusion
Manuel Bouyer kern/6859: de driver more brocken than it used to be
01/21/1999 lib/6860: Kerberos, like X11, hosed without sgttyb (COMPAT_43) pkg/6861: graphics/tgif update
steffen.stempel@xlin port-i386/6862: Problems with va_start and gcc
Tero Kivinen bin/6863: more/less cannot handle files larger than 2GB
Andreas Gustafsson Re: port-i386/6862: Problems with va_start and gcc
Havard.Eidnes@runit. bin/6864: /bin/sh barfs on makelintstub for C library
Dave Huang lib/6865: Default /etc/nsswitch.conf is broken kern/6866: One of COMPAT_{09,43,44} required
Curt Sampson bin/6881: no documentation for ipmon output
01/24/1999 pkg/6868: gnucash uses /bin/bash, pgksrc installs bash in /usr/pkg/bin/bash
erik@mediator.uni-c. bin/6869: ld.elf_so/Makefile has private definition of includes target
Matthew Jacob kern/6871: NCR driver seriously broken in attempts to DMAbusify it
Lennart Augustsson kern/6870: ex(4) man page missing bin/6874: dhcpd filename
Per Amund Amundsen pkg/6875: Source for clisp-19980909 out of sync with package. port-i386/6876: /dev/MAKEDEV makes spurious /dev/ttyv8 device misc/6877: /etc/netstart output is ugly
Rob Windsor bin/6878: chsh(1) broken on 1.3I
bgrayson@ece.utexas. misc/6879: /root/.termcap file
jens@subzero.campus. misc/6880: netintro(4) is incomplete
Chris Jones misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
Matthew Jacob kern/6885: buslogic controller writes at 0.1% of read spead
Jason Thorpe Re: kern/6885: buslogic controller writes at 0.1% of read spead
Soren S. Jorvang bin/6883: scsictl/atactl buglet
Jarkko Torppa pkg/6884: www/zope buglet
Geoff Wing Re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by kern/6886: times and tms_utime/tms_stime running backward
Andrew Brown Re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
Geoff Wing Re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
Wolfgang Helbig port-i386/6887: fdisk -i makes disk unbootable
matthew green re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
Geoff Wing Re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
matthew green re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
Heiko W.Rupp Re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
matthew green re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by pkg/6889: math/scilab update submission
Ignatios Souvatzis pkg/6890: our PVM package uses a single PVM_ARCH for all NetBSD architectures.
Soren S. Jorvang kern/6891: garbage memory usage fields in proc structures of kernel threads
erik@mediator.uni-c. bin/6892: systat.1 mentions swap partitions compiled into the kernel
Andrew Brown Re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by
No Spam bin/6893: gdb dumps core on NetBSD/alpha 1.3.3
No Spam bin/6894: the protoize(1) program disappeared
No Spam bin/6895: X11 header files have incomplete prototypes
No Spam bin/6896: some manual pages have incomplete prototypes
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/6897: xntpd interfaces alias bug
Geoff Wing Re: bin/6897: xntpd interfaces alias bug
Matthias Scheler kern/6899: Sending packets via IPIP interface doesn't work
Manuel Bouyer Re: bin/6897: xntpd interfaces alias bug
Matthieu Herrb Re: bin/6895: X11 header files have incomplete prototypes
Michael Richardson misc/6900: dhclient-script is missing a fi
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/6901: there is no easy way how to handle bzip2ped archives kern/6902: fsck_ext2fs triggers panic ptdi
Chris Jones kern/6903: new quirks for ch(4)
Wolfgang Rupprecht Re: bin/6897: xntpd interfaces alias bug
Curt Sampson re: misc/6882: /var/spool/news should be owned by pkg/6906: pkg afterstep doesn't always work
woods@proven.weird.c pkg/6905: new package for tkpiechart (and it's required subordinate stooop) pkg/6908: pkgsrc race conditions kern/6907: pcmcia can't cope with ejected devices
Klaus Klein pkg/6909: pkgsrc hierarchy inconsistencies kern/6910: apm -z doesn't recover well on my thinkpad 380Z
Matthias Scheler Re: pkg/6906: pkg afterstep doesn't always work
erik@mediator.uni-c. port-mac68k/6911: mac68k-part of mbr header file shuffling missing port-i386/6912: ThinkPad 380Z serial port not seen
01/30/1999 bin/6913: zgrep missing zegrep and zfgrep links
Frederick Bruckman kern/6914: mac68k kernel build fails at disksubr.c
Matthew Jacob port-sparc/6915: iommu mem access fault on sun4m/esp kern/6916: narcoleptic dump(8)
Johnny C. Lam pkg/6917: Update Window Maker to latest (0.51.0)
Tracy J. Di Marco White security/6918: encrypted (kerberized) telnet does not work to machine pools
Jaromir Dolecek bin/6919: negative count of available blocks in df output can be confusing port-i386/6920: options COMPAT_LINUX does not set -DEXEC_ELF32