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Re: NetBSD Mascot Proposal

W dniu 12.02.2021 o 22:37, A Dog pisze:
On Mon, Feb 08, 2021 at 01:12:38AM PST, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
Can we avoid the appearance of a monster, devil or an alien?

Or an insectoid.  There are people who are capable of finding bugs cute, but
many others have a visceral repulsion to anything with an exoskeleton.

I'm just trying to compare these proposals to the existing OS mascots that
are out there:  Puffy (cute li'l pufferfish), Beastie (cute li'l "daemon"),
Tux (cute[1] li'l penguin), whatever the Minix raccoon is called... do I see
a pattern here?

And then we have this thing that looks like a robot bug devil.  Beastie may
look like a devil too, but at least he's a *cute* devil...

[1] Until you notice his resemblance to Homer Simpson.

I second that. I'm no artist myself however initial suggestions by Jay Patel are more in line with current trends and what people like in general. In my opinion the logo should be cute, fun, not too serious. Like Golang's gopher perhaps?

This suggestion:
shows a good example for me. NetBSD's colours, he's a runner (reference to "of course it runs NetBSD". It's too detailed, though - Jay, can it be simplified a bit? Try some other poses with open eyes?
It's in the right direction imho.

Bartek Krawczyk

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