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Re: NetBSD Mascot Proposal

The next step is to add colors and bright on it. Any thoughts?

Hi, I preferred the original item 3 draft (also together with item 1), as it felt more organic and animal than this one. We are probably gonna be surrounded by robots in the future (and we're spending our time living inside them already), so please let's avoid having a mascot remind us of them yet again.

The original beastie from ( is more of a character from Tweety & Sylvester than a "transformer". I suppose the eye look could be made less frightening in that manner, and I suggest that the sign with the hand also got changed to something that does not involve displaying any pride nor any direct interaction with the audience. My point is that the mascot already personifies some intention or some movement by itself: a mascot should not consciously do advocacy.

In short, I like the idea of a little animal resembling the original beastie running after light. Much less a reminder of Bill Joy's fear of our future (which might not need us).

Pierre-Philipp Braun
SMTP Health Campaign: enforce STARTTLS and verify MX certificates

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