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Re: Moving rc.d scripts to base.tgz

>> I find myself wondering how an admin is supposed to tell whether a
>> proposed change is "patching the system" under NetBSD or a
>> reasonable end-system admin adjustment.
> It's very easy: if something you edit will be overwritten by the next
> installworld, then you probably wanted to edit the source rather than
> making modifications in place.

That's like answering "how do I know if there's a car coming?" with
"just go ahead and walk out; if you don't get run over, there wasn't".

I shouldn't have to clone the system onto a scratch drive and run an
installworld to find out whether I need to do something in the source
tree or whether it's considered a reasonable end-admin modification.

Especially when the next OS rev may - likely will, at this rate - cast
a wider net than this one does.

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