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Re: Moving rc.d scripts to base.tgz

> /libexec.  Which is also where /etc/{daily,weekly,monthly,security}
> should be, as there hasn't AFAIK been any valid reason for sysadmins
> to edit those in a long time.

So, admins that find NetBSD's maintenance scripts unsuitable for their
purposes must provide their own, rather than modify the existing ones?

Is it "valid" (whatever that means) to remove those lines from root's
crontab and run my own instead?  If not, you've just broken NetBSD for
a *whole lot* of uses.  If so, what's the difference?  Why is it
"valid" to modify one system-provided thing (root's crontab) but not
another (the maintenance scripts)?

And, in any casem how is an admin supposed to tell what things are
"valid" to modify and what aren't?  Ask you?

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