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Moving rc.d scripts to base.tgz


Every time I run etcupdate and notice differences in the rc.d scripts,
I can't stop wondering why these binaries are part of etc.tgz (other
than them being in /etc/).

The rationale:
* All the rc.d scripts (with the exception of rc.local) are binaries that should
  not be changed manually: rc.conf and rc.conf.d exist for a reason.
* If the scripts must be edited to implement some reasonable configuration
  change, then we have got a shortcoming in our configuration system that
  should be addressed.
* If the scripts do not address someone's preferences, and these cannot be
  justified as configuration variables... well, this is no different than, say,
  /etc/cp not fulfilling someone's desires that require local patching of the
  source tree.

The proposal: move the rc.d scripts (which include /etc/rc.d/*,
/etc/rc, /etc/rc.subr and /etc/rc.shutdown, but NOT rc.local) from
etc.tgz to base.tgz?  The path locations would remain the same.


Let the bikeshed start.

Julio Merino / @jmmv

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