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Re: Moving rc.d scripts to base.tgz

>> So, admins that find NetBSD's maintenance scripts unsuitable for
>> their purposes must provide their own, rather than modify the
>> existing ones?
> If what you're doing is patching the system, patch the system.  [...]

>> [...]
> You're merely being difficult here.

Not trying to be.

I was trying to point out that you are now trying to - by un-discussed
fiat, as far as I can see - decree that many things traditionally used
as configuration knobs by Unix sysadmins are not valid things for
admins to tweak any longer.

You write of "patching the system".  Where are the boundaries of "the
system"?  You are (fairly arbitrarily, as far as I can see) deciding
that things which used to be outside that wall are now inside it; with
even tradition no guide, I find myself wondering how an admin is
supposed to tell whether a proposed change is "patching the system"
under NetBSD or a reasonable end-system admin adjustment.

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