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Re: PSD, SMM and USD manuals [was: Re: Shell tutorial added]

Finally, I question that anyone will find particularly relevant
documentation about the NetBSD operating system in the year 2010 from
/usr/src/share/doc/{psd,smm,usd}. That said, kudos to Perry E. for
updating some of these.

I semi-regularly use these documents for reference purposes.

I'm curious: who else uses these?  Can there be a bit of show of hands?

I've seen about a dozen groff-mandoc arguments, and of course I have a bit of an interest in this, and they always come down to (1) legacy documents lying around in base and (2) a small but vocal minority who use troff on a regular basis (see the FreeBSD "BSD text processing tools" threat for an example). I'm not concerned with (2), as pkgsrc will do, but I wonder about how valid (1) is in practise.

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