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Re: Lua as a scripting language in NetBSD

> Integration of Lua into the kernel is even a different story than adding Lua
> to the base system.  We have to think in which form to do, what services to
> expose etc. etc.  And then I think personally that Lunatik is a bit of a
> misnomer... ;)

Of course, and it is exactly what I'm studying right now (with Linux):
"which form to do, what services to expose etc. etc" =).

At the moment, we have a syscall that loads dynamically the Lua code
to the kernel and we decided statically what we will expose to Lua
state (in this example the target function is exported to Lua and the
governor function is imported by the C code portion in kernel).

About the Lunatik name, it is not a definitive name yet. It is more a
name that I use to avoid the verbosity of Lua-in-kernel,
Lua-extending-the-kernel. However, I think that name is funny and It
can stand for LUNA Tied In Kernel (maybe =).

> Well, since you work at the heart of Lua and with one of ots inevntors, you
> can possible help us with a technical question:  Number format.  I am well
> aware that I can compile Lua for different number formats, which is good,
> since there is no floating point math in BSD kernels usually.  But what
> about 64 Bit integers?  Can Lua be built to support 64 bit integers as
> number format?

Yes, Lua can support 64 bit integers =). We are using LUA_NUMBER as
long in Lunatik, but I'll change that for long long soon.

Lourival Vieira Neto

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