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Re: bsdcpio and bsdtar installed by default

In article <>,
Thor Lancelot Simon  <> wrote:
>On Thu, Jun 05, 2008 at 10:32:43AM +0100, Mindaugas Rasiukevicius wrote:
>> Martin Husemann <> wrote:
>> > On Thu, Jun 05, 2008 at 09:53:30AM +0100, Mindaugas Rasiukevicius wrote:
>> > > So you object to bloat the system with BSD tar and cpio, but OK to do 
>> > > that
>> > > with bozohttpd? Interesting consistency. :)
>> > 
>> > It's obviously different because we didn't have another httpd in base
>> > already.
>> We do not have many applications for many services, but it does not mean
>> that we have to add one for each /etc/services line.
>> Anyway, my point was that argument about "re-bloating" was groundless.
>Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the facts before you decide
>to flame.
>In fact, we removed GNU tar from the system some time ago.  I don't
>object to replacing our existing tar/pax/cpio with a better version,
>but I certainly do object to going back to the situation where we
>provide two versions of a common utility.

I am 100% behind thor here. As the person who maintains pax in the tree,
I prefer that it is replaced with the libarchive based code because:

1. We should be supporting full posix archive spec and I don't see anyone
   volunteering to do it.

2. There are quite a few long standing pax bugs that nobody is fixing:
    bin/9647 - open serious medium priority sw-bug
            pax(1) can't read multi-volume archive from device

    bin/10848 - open serious medium priority change-request
            pax does not support -B on read

    bin/19491 - open non-critical low priority change-request
            Teach pax as tar the -G (--incremental) switch.

3. Joerg has done an excellent job making libarchive support all the
   extra pax/tar features we are using.

So, let's just switch to the new code now. We can leave the old source
in the tree, until the cpio front end is completed. By that time if we
see a critical issue, we can decide to go back and use the old tar code.


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