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Re: bsdcpio and bsdtar installed by default

> 1. We should be supporting full posix archive spec and I don't see
> anyone volunteering to do it.

I'd love to bring my own tar into conformance - if I could get a copy
of the spec.  Periodically I ask in various places, but so far I've
gotten only two kids of responses: (1) vague handwaving and (2)
pointers to pay-for-play "standards".  (Oh, and (3) "sorry, can't
help", I suppose.)

If anyone can point me at the "full posix archive spec", I'd be
delighted, and - probably - would shortly thereafter have a tar that
comes very close to implementing it.

Not that this necessarily has anything to do with NetBSD.  I've offered
my tar to NetBSD before and so far I've seen no interest.

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