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Re: Perl5 update

> But if building any perl module requires that you have the
> up-to-date (with respect to your checkout) perl version, then why is
> this OR dependency method needed?   Each p5-* depends on modules and the
> current base version, so there are no choices.
Currently, if Perl is updated, someone has to manually look into each 
packaged module's source (Build.PL or even *.pm) to find dependencies 
on Core modules that have been removed from Core. And you have to inspect 
all the pkgsrc Makefile's for dependencies on pkgsrc packages containing 
Perl modules that have been added to Core.

I proposed to automate that process.

In addition to that, currently, in a pkgsrc Makefile, I can't express 
what I mean. I don't mean
        I need Perl at least 5.4 but older than 5.20
        or I depend on ../devel/p5-CGI
I mean
        I need the CGI module, version 1.23
and can hint
        You can get that from ../devel/p5-CGI if it's not in Core

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