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Re: Perl5 update

> In general, one has to build from a consistent checkout of pkgsrc.
Yes, exactly.

> So saying that p5-* packages in pkgsrc should expect the current perl5 
> version seems like a simplifying assumption that saves a lot of work,
I'm afraid you mis-understood me. With "current", I meant "the version 
included in this checkout of pkgsrc".

> but on the other hand expects people to replace their perl interpreter 
> with the one from the pkgsrc version they are using.
I don't get that.
If I have 5.14 installed and build a package containing a Perl Module 
from a pkgsrc checkout that includes 5.16, I get 5.16 built because I 
get a dependency on perl>=5.16<5.18, don't I?

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