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Re: pkg_tarup inclusion in pkg_create

Martin Husemann <> writes:

> On Wed, Jan 04, 2012 at 01:04:21PM +0100, Benny Siegert wrote:
>> Good point. +1 for integration into pkg_create from me. The counter 
>> argument boils down to "you should not use it", but then again, nobody is 
>> forced to.
> Well, I was not trying to push in that direction ;-)
> In the debugging case it is fine to fix make replace to just skip the
> tar step if pkg_tarup is not available, IMHO.

Perhaps this is hard - but why can't 'make replace' simply add a build
dependency on pkg_tarup?  It seems there are already dependencies on
digest and pkg_install.

Also, I think it's better for make replace to error out if pkg_tarup is
not present; one just builds it manually and then continues.  Personally
I don't often use the tarred-up old packages, but it is useful when
debugging packages.  And/Or a 'REPLACE_USE_TARUP?= yes' that can be set by
the user.

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