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Re: pkg_tarup inclusion in pkg_create

  A better scheme would be to explicitly retain the last N compiled
  versions of each package (where N is configurable) regardless of their
  version numbers; that would fix all these problems, probably allow
  nuking pkg_tarup, and make undo-replace much more robust. However, it
  would require rearranging a lot of things (including e.g. the layout
  of the binary package tree) and is therefore not trivial.

While I don't object to a retain-recent-N notion, I don't see how that
leads to "no one needs pkg_tarup".  pkg_tarup is a useful tool for some
circumstances, and the default behavior being to retain packages going
forward is a long way from "no one will even need pkg_tarup".

Whether pkg_tarup's functionality should be part of pkg_create vs
separate is another issue; to me the important thing is that it exist.

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