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Re: why is complaining about gsed?

On 12/10/2011 1:37 PM, OBATA Akio wrote:
On Sat, 10 Dec 2011 21:10:26 +0900, John Marino <> wrote:

I was able to reproduce this again.
I forgot that I modified the emacs20/Makefile to provide patches to David.
After I reverted the Makefile back to the repository version, I get this

gsed is not defined in ${USE_TOOLS} and it is defined in ${_USE_TOOLS}

Do you know how that can be possible / what can cause that?

As I already said, it may happen if you modify USE_TOOLS during make phase. For example, add 'gsed' to USE_TOOLS, `make configure', drop `gsed' from USE_TOOLS
then `make build' or something.
But such dependency changes should be done after `make clean'.

OBATA, that looks like a winner.
I was pretty sure that I had cleaned that directory multiple times, but after
a "make clean" command just now the error went away.

The guy with the same problem with the flex was also troubleshooting a package that previously wouldn't build, so it's highly probable that a "make clean" would
have solved that problem as well.

So it appears such a message would only happen to a developer. Still, is there
any improvement possible in this area, or is this simply a "gotcha"?
tools/ uses both _USE_TOOLS and USE_TOOLS. Are they supposed to be
equivalent?  If so, should such a check be embedded in


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