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Re: why is complaining about gsed?

On 12/9/2011 11:58 AM, OBATA Akio wrote:

It is bad idea to just hide the bug.

Please let me know how to reproduce the problem.
(I have no problem for editors/emacs20 on DragonFly-i386-2.10.1)

That depends on what is considered the bug. I consider comparing string variables without quotes a dodgy decision at best. One could consider these string comparisons
without double quotes to be a bug.

Clearly the original author thinks that it's impossible for _USE_TOOLS.<class> to be defined and _TOOLS_DEPMETHOD.<class> to be undefined is something that can't happen, but what if it *can* happen? We've now seen it on two unrelated packages.
One with flex that used flex and one with gsed that does not use gsed.

Back to the code in question: Adding quotes around the _TOOLS_DEPMETHOD.<class> will not cause the wrong thing to happen (iow _TOOLS_DEPMETHOD.<class> will not
get redefined accidentally).

I would take a package that builds correctly and "hides a bug" all day long if the alternative is a broken package. That's the case here. If there is no technical reason why double quotes should be missing from these conditions of,
then they should be added in.

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