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Re: Naming restrictions for Solaris packages

On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> I don't think a full stop (period) is allowed. My version of
> gensolpkg 
> (
> will create stream format packages with the package version number
> as part of the file name, but the package name is not versioned
> (IIRC).

Yes, the file name, package name, and package version, are independent
variables.  Normal practice is to include the version number in the file
name but not the package name, but in cases where pkgsrc wants to repeat
part of the version number in the package name (e.g. apache22-2.2.x) it
would make sense to do much the same for packages in the solaris format.

Another thing is that Solaris package names usually start with a few
capital letters identifying the source of the package, e.g. SUNWfoo for
packages from Sun, or SFWbar for packages from  I don't
know what pkgsrc or gensolpkg should do here.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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