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Re: Naming restrictions for Solaris packages

On Wed, 16 Sep 2009 09:37 +0200, "Alan Barrett" <> 
> On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> > I don't think a full stop (period) is allowed. My version of
> > gensolpkg 
> > (
> > will create stream format packages with the package version number
> > as part of the file name, but the package name is not versioned
> > (IIRC).

I really appreciate the gensolpkg, btw - chalk up another satisfied
customer ... :)

> Another thing is that Solaris package names usually start with a few
> capital letters identifying the source of the package, e.g. SUNWfoo for
> packages from Sun, or SFWbar for packages from  I don't
> know what pkgsrc or gensolpkg should do here.

personally, PKG as a prefix makes more sense to me than TNF - even
though it breaks the spirit of the prefix it makes the link between a
pkgsrc derived package much better than purporting to be from the The
NetBSD Foundation (iirc) which is a tenuous one at best ...


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