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Re: Naming restrictions for Solaris packages

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 05:51:45PM +0200, Alan Barrett wrote:
Joerg asked me to post the rules for naming Solaris packages.


   * The name must be no longer than 32 characters (though some
     documentation says that the limit is 9 chars);

9 is the old limit before Sun fell in love with Gnome. Some of the Sun package utilities still get confused about long names when processing stream format packages but newer patch revisions from Sun seem to behave better.

This currently affects 221 package names.

   * first char must be alphabetic;


   * some documentation says that all other chars must be alphanumeric,
     but in practice "-" is allowed, while "_" is NOT allowed;
     I haven't tried any other non-alphanumeric characters.

251 include something other than alpha numeric, hyphen or period.

I don't think a full stop (period) is allowed. My version of gensolpkg ( will create stream format packages with the package version number as part of the file name, but the package name is not versioned (IIRC).

I don't have the full meta to check how many of those have SRV4_PKGNAME
set, but I would be surprised if many do.  I'd suggest to drop that
variable and instead maintain a prefix transformation table directly
in gensolpkg for those cases that matter. Comments?

Table? What sort of table? I'm not overly comfortable with the prospect of maintaining a large and dynamic table in the gensolpkg source, so I would like some more information on what people are thinking about. It might be that this hasn't been thought about yet, and that's okay. I would like to see something heuristic implemented so that it has a chance of coping with new packages. The suggested _prefix_ transformation table may well be a good enough heuristic.

I've already dropped the use of SRV4_PKGNAME by default (it is still used if a command line option for selecting the old short names is given).

And yes, I really do need to submit my gensolpkg changes back to TNF. I'm currently trying to add support for (DE)INSTALL scripts because they are needed for some significant packages (such as Apache 2.2).


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