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Re: Moving Lua source codes

>> So, you're saying I should have done my AF_TIMER work in -current?
>> Labeled control structure?  diskwatch?  pfw?  WSEMUL_MTERM?
>> tun(4)-for-IPv6?  v6-capable SLIP?  netstat -T?  touch -d and -i?
> To me, some of those seem like they'd be fine to have done in
> NetBSD-current.  Why didn't you do things like WSEMUL_MTERM there?
> Is it mostly because you track an older version of NetBSD?

At this point, yes.  I don't recall the reasons behind them for most of
those - for example, I don't recall whether I was still supping
-current when I did WSEMUL_MTERM, though I feel reasonably sure I was
no longer routinely building and using it.  There are also some (which
I didn't mention) which I don't think NetBSD _should_ adopt, such as
changing the default /etc/localtime link target to .../Canada/Eastern.

I think the biggest reasons I haven't tried to push any of those into
NetBSD are (1) a perception that NetBSD doesn't want my changes,
combined with (2) a lack of motivation to, a sort of "NetBSD no longer
cares about me; why should I care about it?" feeling.  (Note that I'm
not saying anything about how justifiable - or correct! - these
feelings are.)

That said....

I'd certainly be happy to offer any-to-all of my changes to anyone who
wants to bring them into NetBSD.  Except for v6-capable SLIP and the
touch(1) options, all the things I listed are things I've been using in
personal production use for long enough I'm confident they work fairly
well, though I have a suspicion there's a kernel memory leak lurking in
the AF_TIMER code[%].  Those exceptions I haven't used much, but I
think they may well be integration-ready anyway - that would be
something to discuss.

[%] There's certainly a kernel memory leak _somewhere_ in one of my
    versions' kernel, and what vague data I have on it seems to
    correlate its striking with AF_TIMER socket use.

If anyone's interested, of course.  My expectation has been that nobody
is, but this email makes me think that could well be wrong.  I can
easily pull a full list of changes I've made and mail it wherever.

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