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Re: Moving Lua source codes

   Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 11:08:51 +0200
   From: Marc Balmer <>

   I found out that several programs already have Lua bindings, but for
   unknown reasons that code is not enabled by default, which is kind of
   weird given that the Lua library is in base...  So we have Lua bindings
   in our code, whe have Lua as well, but yet we don't enable it and
   continue to whine about nothing using Lua, that's weirder than weird ;)

Bindings do not an application make.  For years, many people have been
asking you for real, working Lua code that (a) serves some nontrivial
purpose beyond mapping between the C world and the Lua world, and (b)
has a compelling reason to rely on Lua in base rather than Lua in
pkgsrc.  But so far, all I've seen is a few bindings to C libraries.

It is entirely plausible to me that we could benefit from using Lua in
base, or sysinst, or maybe even in the kernel.  But that argument must
be made by showing evidence of real, working code that has compelling
benefits, together with confidence in its robustness -- not by saying
that if we let users do it then it will happen.

Why don't you experiment with some more radical changes for Lua in a
branch, mbalmer-lua?  You needn't worry about anyone else's approval,
you can break anything you want, and you can let others review and
play with your work.

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