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Re: Moving Lua source codes

Am 15.10.13 00:21, schrieb Mouse:

>> -current is where development should take place.
> I disagree.  That way - doing development in the master tree - lies the
> madness that has given Linux some of its worst problems.  Development
> should take place on  branches, or, preferably, outside the master tree
> entirely.  When something is developed and is past initial testing,
> _then_ is the time to bring it into the tree.
> For example: AF_TIMER sockets.  I developed them on my systems, never
> going near NetBSD's main tree with them.  I'd've suggested bringing
> them in long since, except I think they're not ready.
> Not, as always, that anyone has to agree with me, or care what I
> think....

Well, you are in contradiction to our guide, which under states that
"NetBSD-current is the main development branch".

Branches may be ok when a development takes place that touches large
parts of the system, a compiler change e.g. (but we don't even use a
branch for that) or when something is done that takes longer time to
implement and touches many places.  Merging branches using cvs is a
different story, though.

As Lua triggered this dicussion I should probably explain why a branch
is not needed for it:  It is a device driver and a small userspace
command only: simple, small, safe, and isolated.  It's even a module.
Don't want it? Don't laod it.  It does not - as some wrongly assumed -
allow a script to access arbitrary memory in kernel space or call
arbitarty funcions there.  It is a highly (user) controlled environment.

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