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Re: Additional post-install configuration


> > >  * rather have a text box popping up instead of installing pkgin, to
> > > enter the packages that should be installed.
> > 
> > I can't parse this.
> just a popup to enter the name of any package to install. Having a list of
> packages is possible, too, but you currently have no possibility of
> downloading listings via ftp (so either modify ftp(1) or include libfetch
> and dependency libs).
what about this: You have the option from the menu to install pkgtools/pkgin,
and after doing so, you have the option to install additional packages via
pkgin. I've written a small shell script to accomplish that (being rather
proof-of-concept than a sane solution), which uses misc/dialog (or even
x11/zenity if you installed it) as an interface to pkgin.
You can fetch it from

I wonder if you really want sysinst already installing packages, and what
would be the preferred solution, and when it should be finished.
Imho, there are always packages you want for the initial system setup, and
doing this from inside the installer would be nice, but not strictly

Regards, Julian

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