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Re: Additional post-install configuration


> >  * rather have a text box popping up instead of installing pkgin, to enter
> >    the packages that should be installed.
> I can't parse this.
just a popup to enter the name of any package to install. Having a list of
packages is possible, too, but you currently have no possibility of
downloading listings via ftp (so either modify ftp(1) or include libfetch
and dependency libs).

> >  * perhaps add an option to configure networking for the system if the
> > user did a CD or image installation (that would solve install/9904).
> The option is already there (hidden in the Utils menu), and there is a 
> variable telling if it has been run - so maybe just ask (on new installs,
> if it hasn't been run) wether it should be done?
this is already done, but you can't configure it afterwards (e.g. when
upgrading or at any time after the installation once you answered 'no').

Regards, Julian

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