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Re: Additional post-install configuration

On 3/10/12 1:02 PM, Julian Fagir wrote:

The patches are here:

It's not the prettiest, but it works.  Mostly.  :)
two fixes:
  * toggling rc variables doesn't produce empty lines, and the assumption is
    less strict (there may be spaces before and after the variable line).
  * You have the option to add network configuration and save that to disk,
    wrt to install/9904 - the configuration being changed is deleted before.

Grab the patches here:

Regards, Julian

Sorry I'm getting back to this so late. It looks like you've tried to add on to my patch, but have missed (at least) the new files I added - if you used 'cvs diff', you need to 'cvs add' the new files (this does not affect the repository) and then use 'cvs diff -N' to include them in the diff.

As far as details; which files did you touch? I just want to make sure i'm not missing something; comparing diffs is tricky...


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