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Re: Additional post-install configuration

On Fri, Mar 09, 2012 at 12:13:44PM +0100, Julian Fagir wrote:
>  * rather have a text box popping up instead of installing pkgin, to enter
>    the packages that should be installed.

I can't parse this.

>  * perhaps add an option to configure networking for the system if the user
>    did a CD or image installation (that would solve install/9904).

The option is already there (hidden in the Utils menu), and there is a 
variable telling if it has been run - so maybe just ask (on new installs,
if it hasn't been run) wether it should be done?

Midterm I prefer to have sysinst fire up dhcpcd in the background and just
check its state sometime later. But then we need an additional menu for
wlan and ask for the password, firing up wpa_supplicant etc, so this needs
more churn than we want to do right now.


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