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Re: Additional post-install configuration


> What it desperately needs is some friendlying-up.  Some warmer, fuzzier,
> more descriptive text would go a long way towards this.  Also, there are
> no translations done.  (rather, they're all in English, since I figure
> they'll change anyway - no sense having to retranslate each thing 5
> times every time something changes)
I would:
 * put the pkgsrc installation to the source installation, but there's still
   the question about the paths.
 * rather have a text box popping up instead of installing pkgin, to enter
   the packages that should be installed.
 * what is mdns (I would throw that out)?
 * perhaps add an option to configure networking for the system if the user
   did a CD or image installation (that would solve install/9904).

If you agree, I would write that.

Regards, Julian

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