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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

>> I expect there is another entry point somewhere which is more
>> appropriate for call-from-kernel use.  [...]

> There is a entry point here:

> -->   20044f66: entry mask: r11
>       20044f68: movl    *$2000801c,r11
>       20044f6f: movzbl  04(ap),r0
>       20044f73: jsb     cons_A_TX_always
>       20044f76: ret

That looks promising, yes.  I'd forgotten about it.

> $2000801c ist the CSR7 (System Base Adress Register) from the SGEC
> pointing to the physical Start Address of the "rtVAX System Page
> Table" according 382ABUG2.PDF page 3-61 (132).

Hm, I'd like to grab a copy of that PDF; is it generally available?

> The manuals states that between 2c0 and 2cc in that table the console
> vectors are placed. Nevertheles the code seems to not use any
> interrupts what make it pretty unusable for use in a kernel, or I'm
> wrong here?

For normal operation, you probably don't want to use it, yes; for that,
you probably want something more like an adaptation of the pc532 driver
(perhaps the guts of it should move to dev/ic/?).  But those entry
points are, AIUI, entirely appropriate for polled use - ie, when the
kernel is (eg) inside ddb, or prompting for the root device on boot.

> ...you are crazy since you are writing an emulator b'cause of my
> board :-)

Well...not really.  The emulator has been sitting around for years.
I'm just picking it up again, mostly because you got me thinking about
VAXen - so, in a sense, it's because of your machine, but in another
sense that's not really fair.

Not that I'd argue I'm not crazy, mind you. :-)

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