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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

Anders Magnusson wrote:

> Hi Holm,
> >>>NetBSD/vax boot [1.11 (Thu Jan  3 17:33:22 CET 2013)] <<
> >>>Press any key to abort autoboot 0
> >SGEC: Ethernet address 00:00:f8:50:93:14
> >Trying BOOTP
> >Using IP address:
> >myip: rtvax (
> >root addr= path=/data/home/exports/rtvax
> >2587200+174320 [211280+200960]=0x3071a0
> >
> >?06 HLT INST
> >     PC = 800E2E9D
> >
> >The booted kernel is NetBSD 6.0 Generic kernel which is knowing nothing
> >about the machine, so that Halt was expected.
> >
> >I know nothing about VAX Assembler (but a little about PDP11's and KA630 
> >machines), I'm a normal FreeBSD User (for daily work) can program a little
> >in C and I'm a BSD Fan. Maybe Ragge is remembering me (He, I'm the guy that
> >sent you an UC07 and some german Beers 20 years before now :-)).
> >
> Yes, of course I remember!  The beer was good :-)

Thats was from the local brewery in Freiberg, can't call them small

> Unfortunately I could never get the UC07 passing init step 4; setting up 
> DMA for descriptors... :-/

Maybe his firmware was stoneage, it was in a "Applicon Worksataion" from
Schlumberger that we got (The institute from the University I worked this
time) in the nineties from Motorola in Munich. It ran some old VMS as I got
it, later untilxs his end with an UDA50 (yes, there was a Unibus in that
thing, must be a uVAXI or such a beast) NetBSD as
ftp.geophysik.tu-freiberg.de. Every time I woulfd boot it, I had to key in
the loader for the UDA50. The Machine is gone for a long time now.. :-(

> Anyway, since this is a CVAX it should be simple to get a kernel that at 
> least says hello.
> You need to add the boardtype to include/sid.h (seems like you have the 
> info already) and then
> have it correctly added in the switch table in vax/findcpu.c.

That's done already. As I wrote the netbsd standalone bootcode is writing
to the console and is loading the kernel, then it halts (maybe unknown
> Is it using MTPR for console communications?  Then add it besides the 
> 650 board type, otherwise
> you must find out how it communicates with the console.
> -- ragge

As Mouse wrote no. He sent me a small machine program to test that,
but it doesn't worked. In the Hardware Maunal I found the Addresses
of the SCN2681 on the board (had to look twice for it, it sits under an EPROM),
and Mouse found the routines in the read out board firmware in the rtVAX
brick. (He Mouse, there is something wrong with this console ready-bit test,
I've got nothing useful if I used the begin of the routines.)
I saw already in the sources that some VAX is using the ROM Console
routines to communicate, have to look further on that.
Is there a other VAX known that uses those chips (SCN2681 or MC2681 or his
brothers 2691 ...)? How about the interrupt architecture? Can I use some
other (already existing) console driver? Roger Ivie wrote (in comp.sys.dec)
something about that an Amiga (or so) is using those and there where a driver
for them...
Besides of the 2 serial lines and the SGEC there is the CFPA, Timer and DMA on
that board, nothing other that I know of for now (ok, LED Register), the 
rest is undocumented until now. (There are some Gate Arrays with an
interface to the ISA Bus and a 50 Pin Berg Connector on the top)

BTW Ragge, I read yesterday in the archives of this list that you compiled
NetBSD with pcc. ..pcc.. Do you remeber Olliver Lehmann with his Z8K
system (Zilog S8000 Clone with Zeus Clone Wega with an early pcc called lcc)?
I have such a system too (EAW P8000 Compact) and we urgently need a working
compiler for the Z8K.
.....how much time you have left over? *evil grin*.. I'll spend some beers

Kind Regards,

      Technik Service u. Handel Tiffe, www.tsht.de, Holm Tiffe, 
     Freiberger Straße 42, 09600 Oberschöna, USt-Id: DE253710583
  www.tsht.de, info%tsht.de@localhost, Fax +49 3731 74200, Mobil: 0172 8790 741

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