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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

> (He Mouse, there is something wrong with this console ready-bit test,
> I've got nothing useful if I used the begin of the routines.)

You probably don't have r11 pointing to the data structures it expects.
I expect there is another entry point somewhere which is more
appropriate for call-from-kernel use.  (Also, another reason to think
it's not designed for non-ROM use is that it uses jsb/rsb calling, not

> Is there a other VAX known that uses those chips (SCN2681 or MC2681
> or his brothers 2691 ...)?  How about the interrupt architecture?
> Can I use some other (already existing) console driver?

Another VAX, dunno.  But...

> Roger Ivie wrote (in comp.sys.dec) something about that an Amiga (or
> so) is using those and there where a driver for them...

...there is.  I found one and was using it as documentation of a sort
when picking apart the code that pokes at the 2681.  See pc532/dev/scn*
(at least in the 4.0.1 source tree).  pc532/stand/common/scn.c might be
useful too.

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