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rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..


As some of you already know I'm fiddeling around with an ISA Board
in a PC that has an rtVAX 300 CPU on it.

Here is a (bad) picture:


The Board has two serial interfaces that featuring an SCN2681,
an Ethernet Interface with SGEC, and some RAM (haven't looked how much jet,
sorry)and a TIL311.
The 50 Pin Berg connector isn't SCSI [:-(], that is some propietary
Interface. Still have to ask at "AEON Systems Incorporated" if they still
have docs for an ISA300 Board and want to give them away...
AThis Borad was in a ordinary 486-PC with an Adaptec Board and a SCSI disk,
there is some SCO-Unix on the disk (have the dump, not the disk).

The most interesting doc about the rtVAX300 CPU is the rtVAX 300 User
Hardware Manual (http://www.tiffe.de/Robotron/VAX/382ABUG2.PDF).
With this manual, the Help from Mouse and some others I've managed to
hack a little in NetBSD6's bootloader and netbooted  that thing:

rtVAX 300 V1.2


>>> b eza0



vax_cpudata: a000006
vax_cputype: a
vax_boardtype: a000000
vax_boardtype(sie): a000009
fromnet: 1

>> NetBSD/vax boot [1.11 (Thu Jan  3 17:33:22 CET 2013)] <<
>> Press any key to abort autoboot 0
SGEC: Ethernet address 00:00:f8:50:93:14
Trying BOOTP
Using IP address:
myip: rtvax (
root addr= path=/data/home/exports/rtvax
2587200+174320 [211280+200960]=0x3071a0

    PC = 800E2E9D

The booted kernel is NetBSD 6.0 Generic kernel which is knowing nothing
about the machine, so that Halt was expected.

I know nothing about VAX Assembler (but a little about PDP11's and KA630 QBUS
machines), I'm a normal FreeBSD User (for daily work) can program a little
in C and I'm a BSD Fan. Maybe Ragge is remembering me (He, I'm the guy that
sent you an UC07 and some german Beers 20 years before now :-)).
Emanuel Stieble was begging me to end the thread at cctalkclassiccmp.org
and move that effot to port-vax.... here I'm.

Is here someone that want's to help me to port NetBSD to this "machine"?
I currently have a 2nd rtVAX300 board:


This one comes from a friend, is'nt mine, haven't done anything with it jet
besides of dissassembling the CPU:


As you can se there is a normal CVAX with FPU in the Brick, the SGEC


      Technik Service u. Handel Tiffe, www.tsht.de, Holm Tiffe, 
     Freiberger Straße 42, 09600 Oberschöna, USt-Id: DE253710583
  www.tsht.de, info%tsht.de@localhost, Fax +49 3731 74200, Mobil: 0172 8790 741

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