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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

>> As some of you already know I'm fiddeling around with an ISA Board
>> in a PC that has an rtVAX 300 CPU on it.

> The primary difference between the rtVAX and normal VAX is that the rtVAX re$

It's not totally clear to me, yet, whether the rtVAX 300 works this way
or whether it has the normal VAX P0 and P1 setup.  The ROM code makes
me moderately sure that either it's a normal VAX in this respect or it
ignores the high bit of the P0BR - all ROM code that sets P0BR sets the
high bit except for one case which I suspect is an expected-to-fail

> This means all the process page tables have to be physically contiguous (as $

Perhaps proper KA620 (and other machines with that style of P0/P1 page
tables) support would mean building a pmap that migrates pages in an
attempt to maintain a large physically contiguous free block?

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