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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

On 04/01/13 7:06 AM, Holm Tiffe wrote:

BTW Ragge, I read yesterday in the archives of this list that you compiled
NetBSD with pcc. ..pcc.. Do you remeber Olliver Lehmann with his Z8K
system (Zilog S8000 Clone with Zeus Clone Wega with an early pcc called lcc)?

Do you mean Fraser & Hanson's lcc, the retargetable compiler (https://sites.google.com/site/lccretargetablecompiler/)? That is not related to, and much more modern than, Johnson's pcc for early Unix.


I have such a system too (EAW P8000 Compact) and we urgently need a working
compiler for the Z8K.
.....how much time you have left over? *evil grin*.. I'll spend some beers

Kind Regards,


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