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Re: SCSI port type

> > Alexander Carver writes:
> >> Ok, then I'll just have to track down an LVD S-bus card, that
> >> should get interesting.
> >
> > No need.  If you are talking about the Multipack 2 (i.e. the 6 bay
> > version), well, it says UltraSCSI on the front, and that's what it
> > is.  :-)
>  > All disks you put in will clock down to UltraSCSI (== FastSCSI
>  > 20).  You can then use any SE SBus SCSI card.  There never were
>  > any SE UltraSCSI SBus cards, at least from Sun, but they had SE
>  > "Fast Wide", which should also work as it is only a difference of
>  > speed.  The Multipack will clock down appropriately.
> Two of the Multipacks are 6 bay and one is the 12 bay.  The drives
> that I have to install in them are all low voltage which is why I
> need the low voltage card to run them (I've got 18 146GB LVD SCA
> drives waiting to go in them).

No, you don't.  The key is the connection between the card and the
multipack, which is UltraSCSI.  So you can use any SE card.

The drives will work in the multipack because a LVD device will fall 
back to SE if you plug it into an SE bus such as the multipack backplane. 

> > There are nice SBus cards with an extra hme and "Fast Wide" SCSI
> > (X1018A, 501-2739).  :-)
> I've seen that card but I can never seem to find any documentation
> that would tell me if it was a low voltage or a high voltage card.

Neither.  It is SE.

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