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Re: SCSI port type

Alexander Carver writes:
> Ok, then I'll just have to track down an LVD S-bus card, that should
> get interesting.

No need.  If you are talking about the Multipack 2 (i.e. the 6 bay
version), well, it says UltraSCSI on the front, and that's what it is.

All disks you put in will clock down to UltraSCSI (== FastSCSI 20).
You can then use any SE SBus SCSI card.  There never were any SE
UltraSCSI SBus cards, at least from Sun, but they had SE "Fast Wide",
which should also work as it is only a difference of speed.  The 
Multipack will clock down appropriately.

I find the Wikipedia table very helpful:


If you have a 68 to 50 pin cable you could theoretically also hook the
Multipack up directly, but then you'll need to be careful about SCSI
IDs, as the IPX and SS20 have max 8 targets on their narrow SCSI bus.

There are nice SBus cards with an extra hme and "Fast Wide" SCSI (X1018A,
501-2739).  :-)

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