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Re: SCSI port type

On 12/15/2012 03:48, Volker A. Brandt wrote:
Alexander Carver writes:
Ok, then I'll just have to track down an LVD S-bus card, that should
get interesting.

No need.  If you are talking about the Multipack 2 (i.e. the 6 bay
version), well, it says UltraSCSI on the front, and that's what it is.
> All disks you put in will clock down to UltraSCSI (== FastSCSI 20).
> You can then use any SE SBus SCSI card.  There never were any SE
> UltraSCSI SBus cards, at least from Sun, but they had SE "Fast Wide",
> which should also work as it is only a difference of speed.  The
> Multipack will clock down appropriately.

Two of the Multipacks are 6 bay and one is the 12 bay. The drives that I have to install in them are all low voltage which is why I need the low voltage card to run them (I've got 18 146GB LVD SCA drives waiting to go in them).

I find the Wikipedia table very helpful:


If you have a 68 to 50 pin cable you could theoretically also hook the
Multipack up directly, but then you'll need to be careful about SCSI
IDs, as the IPX and SS20 have max 8 targets on their narrow SCSI bus.

There are nice SBus cards with an extra hme and "Fast Wide" SCSI (X1018A,
501-2739).  :-)

I've seen that card but I can never seem to find any documentation that would tell me if it was a low voltage or a high voltage card.

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