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Re: SCSI port type

> [...] it's really hard to figure out if a particular card is low or
> high voltage.  Some of them are possibly high voltage differential
> and some are low voltage differential.

In case anyone cares, I have a big pile of HVD sbus cards, far more
than I'm ever likely to have a use for myself.  They are not
SE-compatible, unlike typical LVD hardware.  I've verified that they
all work far enough to appear in the OBP tree on power-up in my test
machine; I don't have any HVD devices to test further functionality
with, and it's possible some OBP versions may not get along with them
at all.  I'll be happy to send them out to people who can use them (if
postage turns out to be particularly expensive, I may ask for a little
something to cover it, but for most of you I think postage will be low
enough it's not worth bothering with).

I can give the Sun 501- barcode number from them sometime in the next
few days, if anyone wants.

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