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Re: -current on PowerBook G4 667 (TiBook)

On 15 July 2012 14:30, Michael <macallan%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:
> Hello,
>> Mouse operation deteriorates over time.  After a few hours, the mouse
>> will lose a coordinate, or be limited to a small region of the upper
>> left portion of the screen, and eventually, be stuck in the upper left
>> corner of the screen.  I was using the trackpad exclusively at the time,
>> but plugging in a USB mouse after the fact didn't change the behavior.
> That's a bug in Xorg's mouse acceleration code, xset m 0 0 fixes it but yes, 
> it's incredibly annoying.

Interestingly on NetBSD/vax the mouse acceleration seems to end up
using uninitialised data and crashing the server - I wonder if its

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