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Re: Where's boot?

On "Sat, 23 Oct 2010 19:56:18 -0200",
Senjogahara <senjogahara%navscape.com@localhost> wrote:
>But same me trying to create a partition with more than 1gb, I still 
>receive this message: The map is not big enough.
>Message that I receive also when trying to create a partition HFS with 
>4mb, I read in the internet that this is the minimum limit for this 
>partition and I have faith that for the bootloader, be enough.

I have no idea where such a limit applies, but it certainly doesn't
apply to the bootloader partition. I always use 800k (1600 sectors),
which is way more than enough for ofwboot.xcf.

Which tool are you using to initialize the partition map? And which
tools do you use to newfs the bootloader partition and write files to

>The table of partitions that I intended to create would be like this:
>My HD has 10Gb of capacity.
>1: Apple_HFS HFS - (4.0M) for bootloader.
>2: Apple_UNIX_SVR2 - (9.0G)* for root partition (/).
>3: Apple_UNIX_SVR2 - (128M) for swap.

That doesn't look right. Partition one should be the Partition Map
(APM). And the bootloader should be partition two, which I format
to HFS using the tools in sysutils/hfsutils. Some details on creating
the bootable Apple_HFS (or Apple_Boot) partition image are at
http://echo.disfinite.org/Notes/NetBSD/macppc/boot -- it's
written for experts, but may provide details that put your case in
better perspective.

Your partition layout should look more like:
1: Apple_partition_map Apple 63 @ 1
2: Apple_HFS Bootloader 1600 @ 64
3: Apple_UNIX_SVR2 NetBSD * @ 1664 (/)
4: Apple_UNIX_SVR2 swap 262144 @ **

* Total number of 1/2 kByte sectors that'll fit.
** Sum of the start and size numbers for partition three.

What's your method of boot the NetBSD installer? I'm guessing CD?

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