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Re: loadbsd memory segment (Was: NetBSD Amiga - Memory restrictions)


as promised I worked with Roc on loadbsd over the last few days and finally
made the suggested changes. Which means:

For loadbsd 3.3 the -p option is default. It's still there for compatibility
reasons, though. New options:

-l : load kernel into largest memory segment (previous default behaviour).
-M <size> : ignore memory segments which are smaller than <size> MB
(defaults to 2, as in previous versions).

Attached you find the AmigaOS binary of loadbsd 3.3. Please test, if you
find some time. I found no issues during my tests, but I also don't have
any unsual memory configurations on my Amigas.

When everything is ok I would commit the updated source and the uuencoded
loadbsd binary.

Frank Wille

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