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Re: loadbsd memory segment (Was: NetBSD Amiga - Memory restrictions)

David Brownlee wrote:

On 25.03.23 18:38:07 you wrote:

> [...] Having a 'minimum amount of RAM' value,
> adjustable by a param,  combined with defaulting to -p should make the
> default work in ~every case, and be optimal in almost all

We could also do an automatic check if the selected kernel fits into the
chosen memory segment, but an option never hurts.

> Continuing my self appointed role as "loud voice that encourages
> others to do the actual work" - is anyone interested? :)

When nobody else is interested I would give it a try. But I prefer to
coordinate my effort with Roc Vallès, as he has to make sure it also
compiles with the Amiga-port of gcc6 (which I don't have installed).

Should we remove the -p option, or leave it for compatibility?

And the new option could be -M. Or give the existing -m a new meaning, which
seems to be useless IMHO.

Frank Wille

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